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Our Mission

Reorient capital towards more sustainable outcomes and
generate superior returns


Our Story

Clarity, not clutter

Much like portage is "to carry a boat between pools of water", PortageBay connects many pools of information, and various technologies together to create a delightful platform that tames complexity to make ESG decision-useful. 

Sustainable investing industry today is awash with disparate data sets that investors are often challenged to leverage in decision-making. PortageBay was founded to help make sense of this information and provide actionable insights

Furthermore, PortageBay strives to to modernize the investment research process with a data-forward foundation. With the recognition that the human expert is at the core, PortageBay's AI tools are built around you, enhancing your skill, eliminating drudgery and reclaiming time at work.


You, the "pilot", are always in control.

Meet the Team

At the heart of our ethos lies a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team of sustainability experts, seasoned investors, and cutting-edge technologists, each bringing a wealth of knowledge and innovative thinking to drive our sustainable vision forward. We are deeply committed to nurturing talent, providing a fertile ground for professional growth through continuous learning and pioneering opportunities. Join us, and find more than just a place to work—discover a hub where passion meets purpose, creating a brighter future for our planet and generations to come.

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