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Investment Engagement & Stewardship Under Scrutiny

Engagement & Stewardship Under Scrutiny

Funds Delisted from Stewardship Code

Engagement and stewardship activities are coming under increased scrutiny in the UK. The recent delisting of the Avon Pension Fund and Tesco's £13 billion scheme from the UK's stewardship code highlights growing pressure on pension funds to have robust escalation policies and clear expectations for companies and asset managers. It’s no longer good enough to “tell”, you need to “show”.

With the stewardship code set for revision in 2024, its importance is reinforced. Asset owners are demanding compliance from managers, transforming the UK's investment stewardship landscape.  This pressure extends beyond pensions; wealth managers and hedge funds are also working to maintain or regain signatory status.

This underscores a movement towards more transparent, accountable, and conscious investment practices across the industry, demonstrating how financial stewardship and sustainability goals are becoming inseparable.

The PortageBay Perspective

Too often, engagement and stewardship tools remain antiquated, relying on spreadsheets or notepads. These methods make it difficult to track engagement efforts effectively. And it’s manually time intensive especially to generate reports.

At PortageBay, we help clients get ahead of these issues. Our Engagement Copilot sets the highest bar in engagement & stewardship accountability, capturing clear objectives, milestones, progress and reporting analytics. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.

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